Indoor Market Trader Expects Benefits From Town Centre Regeneration

A trader in Hull’s Trinity Indoor Market believes the market can benefit from the regeneration work currently taking place in the City Centre.

Hull City Centre is currently benefitting from a £25M regeneration in preparation for the 2017 City of Culture celebrations.

Ian Rigg of Hull Prints says that the work could help increase footfall in both the New Town and Old Town areas as Hull starts gearing up for its year in the spotlight.

Mr Rigg said: “I think it’s very easy and unfair to blame the council for the problems in the city centre.

“St. Stephen’s is also a bit of a scapegoat which is unfair because all city centres have shopping centres in them and they manage.”

Speaking about what is needed to help increase footfall in the indoor market he said that it needs more unique bespoke stalls.

“We do ok here because we’re a bit of a unique stall because you can’t get these prints anywhere else.

“The record stall Spin It next door also does well because that’s something of a unique stall,” he continued.

Another issue market traders have previously raised is that many people knew it as a food court and maybe didn’t realize what an eclectic mix it has.

Mr Rigg also said: “We need more footfall and more people wanting to spend money, the regeneration outside can maybe also give the area a bit of the wow factor to attract more people.”