Documentary reflection

Making the documentary about the community champions initiative has been a big learning curve for me.

It has had some definite highlights such as interviewing JJ Tatten at The Warren and filming generic match coverage at Hull FC v Huddersfield Giants which saw Kirk Yeaman reach 350 appearances for the club.

Frustration has come from doing one interview which turned out to be inaudible because of the shotgun microphone and one that didn’t record because I was given the wrong SD Card for the camera I was using.

Much more frustration came from ringing certain people, who shall remain nameless, leaving messages and being told they would ring me back for whatever reason to do with the documentary, and them not ringing me.

I was also supposed to follow Feka Palea’aesina and film him out in the community, however this did not happen which was also massively frustrating.

Because of the constraints I have had I didn’t get anywhere near all the material I wanted to make a really excellent documentary, what I will take from the experience though is that I have learnt a lot and I am very happy, considering the problems I had, with the documentary I have produced.

Community Champions Documentary

JJ Tatten interview- Reflection

The interview with JJ Tatten was extremely informative and his passion for the Hull FC/Cobus Communications Community Champions Foundation, and what it is doing for the young people at The Warren, came across very clearly.

The work the foundation is doing is obviously very important and seems to be doing a very good job of creating a sense of belonging for some of the most outcast young people who, without what the foundation is doing, would have very little to look forward to.

The Warren was given eight season passes for this season and these are used in a sort of rota because so many of the young people want to take advantage of the work that the foundation is doing.

Mr Tatten communicated that they are enjoying going to watch Hull FC play in Super League but that it is about so much more than going to a rugby league match for them, he was very enthusiastic about the legacy that being involved with this initiative will leave.

Having been to The Warren and met Mr Tatten before personally it seems very apparent that the work being undertaken by the foundation is proving to be very positive and influential in a very good way.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how this interview looks in the documentary when it is finished.


Meeting Reflection

I had a very positive meeting with my contact Ash Foster this afternoon which included him signing the client brief which I had written up some time ago.

Moving forward there are some very good plans including upcoming interviews on camera with Mike Smith at Cobus Communications who are the main partner of the Community Champions Foundation, and JJ Tatten at The Warren where many of the young people who are benefiting from the project go.

I am very much looking forward to making big strides with this in the coming weeks including starting to make a documentary showing interviews, generic match coverage and showing how the foundation is working and what benefits it is bringing.

I am also going to start writing articles about the work of the foundation for the official Hull FC website and Ash and myself have now committed to meeting at least once a week from hereon in.

I know exactly what I am aiming for in the next few weeks and what I am doing and I am very appreciative of the help Ash is giving like setting up interviews with people that he is in regular contact with.


More Emails

Hi Ash

I have put together a word document detailing the sort of communications I’m expecting to put on the Facebook page.
I won’t put anything on there apart from the graphics until I have your approval to do so. I will also start using the graphics on the Lucid Press design for the supplement that we spoke about.
I also have the client brief of everything we discussed written up ready for your go ahead once you’ve seen it so I believe a meeting between myself and you, to just go over the finer details and for you to sign the brief, asap would be very advantageous if possible please?
Kindest Regards
Ian Peter Judson

Hi Ian,

Just looking through the plan, Ive noticed that there is a few mentions of players of promoting this and this seems to be a focus. Unfortunately we can’t rely much on the players to promote this in videos and regular posts. This is one of the ways we have to get creative at Hull FC as the simple answer would always be to use the players but they simply don’t have the amount of time that they get requests for.

If we can look at other similar charity sports campaigns that have been innovative through their use of social media that would be very handy.

Kind Regards

Ash Foster

Hi Ash

I don’t mean to use endorsement by the players over much just at the occasional time when one of them might have time although I do absolutely understand that they won’t be available very often.

I seem to remember a mention that it is mainly young people at the Warren in the town centre who are benefiting so I wondered if I should maybe approach JJ Tatten to interview him for the Facebook page possibly?

Hi Ian,

That would be a great idea, if you could let JJ know that you are working closely with myself to promote the project and the organisations that we work with as I’ve worked with on this with JJ and I know he would be happy to help in that regard.

Please could you confirm the type of questions you would be asking him and maybe I could add some that I think would benefit it from our point of view of attracting more business sponsorship.

Kind Regards

Ash Foster

Hi Ash

Yes I’ll draw up a list of questions, you can pick out which you think would be best for me to ask him and add any you feel would also be appropriate.

I have interviewed JJ before so he may remember me although it was about a year ago so I can’t say he definitely will, yes I will certainly tell him that I’m working closely with you.

Is there any other sort of content, either on the list I’ve sent you or that you’ve thought of, that you would like me to put on the Facebook page?

I think it would be good if we could go and do an interview with Mike Smith from Cobus, as they are the title sponsors and have put a significant financial backing to the campaign, he is also very active in the community so it would be good to get an interview with him.

I would like to promote the sponsors as much as anyone as this proves to the business that they get a good amount of promo back for sponsoring it and this will hopefully help grow the programme as more businesses will get involved.

Kind Regards

Ash Foster

Yes I agree entirely we need to promote the initiative and show the businesses that are helping us so if you could arrange a date and time for an interview with him that would be brilliant, I am now free all day every Monday so that would be very handy for me if possible and also a Thursday lunchtime.

Emails between myself and Ash Foster

Here are questions I intend to ask JJ Tatten, please cut out any unnecessary ones and add on your own if required.

I will wait for your approval before I contact him for an interview.

They are good, I would just discount questions 4 and 6 and not use these ones. You can ask the others though. I will let you know about the Mike Smith interview.

Kind Regards

Ash Foster

Great stuff, I will contact him tomorrow to request an interview, would you like to be there as well when I interview him?


It will be ok if you go by yourself for this one the questions are all good.

I wil lome with you on the Mike Smith one which will be on Monday 4th April in the afternoon, can you make that?

Kind Regards

Ash Foster

Yes I can do Monday 4 April to interview Mike Smith.

Ok that’s great cheers, its 2pm at Cobus off Hessle Road.

I will have a look at some questions for this.

Kind Regards

Ash Foster


Sanction Now, Ask Questions Later

Sanction Now, Ask Questions Later Attitude Leaving More People Homeless!

More and more people are being left homeless because of having their benefits sanctioned for petty reasons according to Hull East MP Karl Turner and staff at The Warren in Hull City Centre.

“People are being left without benefits because they’re being sanctioned for the most petty reasons since this government came in,” Said Mr Turner.

Attending a public meeting hosted by JJ Tatten, manager, at The Warren Mr Turner was given many tales of woe by young benefit claimants who have either had, or been threatened with, benefits sanctions.

Reasons for sanctions being imposed included, being at a funeral, being at job interviews, being on work placements, one young lady even got sanctioned because she failed to sign on when she went into labour at the job centre.

Christian Wilding and Craig McDade also had their benefits sanctioned and ended up having to ask for financial support elsewhere until their benefits were reinstated.

Other people at the meeting told about how it takes four weeks for an application for hardship payments to go through and, until then, they don’t have any money for food or paying bills.

Another knock on effect of having benefits sanctioned means that the persons housing and council tax benefit is also removed automatically so they are left owing massive rent arrears which then results in eviction.

Hardship payments also vary between benefits, a person claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) gets £28 a week on hardship whilst a person on Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) gets £35 a week.

Before the start of the meeting Mr Tatten said he even knew of a case of a former soldier in his 60s having his benefits sanctioned because he was selling poppies for the Royal British Legion.

During the discussions Mr Turner said about how an MP for Wigan was having a debate in the House of Commons about benefits sanctions for petty reasons, like people being 2 or 3 minutes late to sign on, and the MP who was supposed to respond to her questions was actually 5 minutes late for the debate.

Counsellor Julie Chapman from The Warren said, “Sanctions on benefits are more frequent now, in fact they’ve more than doubled since this government came to power.

“Homelessness as a result of benefits sanctions has almost normalised now with lots of people now also sofa surfing

She also said, “Sanctions put a huge strain on families and impacts on mental health and also leads to food poverty,”

After the public meeting I attended a soup kitchen organised by Hull Homeless Outreach at St. Mary’s Church in Lowgate and spoke to Sarah Hemingway who volunteers there.

“Hull Homeless Outreach opened a food bank a few weeks ago and we feed 37 people on average there, at one point a woman turned up with four kids and her partner and they were expected to live on £38 a week.

She also said, “I want to know how many more austerity cuts are they going to agree on that could prevent a lot of this?”

In total 50 people came to the soup kitchen looking for food and drink.

Mr Turner also said, “We are trying to get some corporate sponsorship to keep Dock House open past the end of this month but I can’t promise anything yet,”

Asked why it is being forced to close again Mr Turner replied “Because central government has taken £150 Million away from the Hull City Council budget.

“Cameron’s Oxfordshire constituency has had a 2% rise in its funding, Hull has had a 10% cut in funding,” He continued.