Reflection- John Pilger

The session about John Pilger and The War You Don’t See was very enlightening.

John Pilger started out as a war correspondent covering the Vietnam war then later he became an investigative journalist and in his programme named above he set about bringing the truth to people about, particularly, the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the ‘War on Terrorism’ in Afghanistan.

In it he exposed some huge lies that were fed to civilians through government controlled media like the BBC and ITV here and Fox News in the United States.

His interviewing style is very clever, he comes across as quite relaxed but you can also see a burning desire to get to the truth even if that means asking questions that maybe other people won’t ask or an interviewee won’t want to answer.

His honesty is his greatest weapon and seems to relax whoever he interviews before he goes for the jugular and, maybe, helps him get more out of that person than somebody else would.

What he does also do is give the person the chance to put their side but, in a way, it seems like he’s just giving them enough rope to hang themselves with.

He knows exactly when to ask the awkward questions and can turn an interview in the blink of an eye.