Planning Department Causing Problem With 1am Licence Proposal

Riddler’s bar owner Karl Jeffery says a loophole in their planning consent is unfairly stopping him and his son Alex Jeffery from opening until 1am.

In a frank interview Karl Jeffery said: “The Planners say we cannot let anybody in after 11pm, but if we have anybody in here before then and they decide to stay until 1am that’s fine.

“The Purple Pig has a 2am licence and yet the council are allowing residential flats to be built next door to it and there’s flats due to go over the Lizard Lounge which trades until 4 o clock in the morning.

Karl also said he had spoken to one resident who thought they wanted a 3am licence and assured him that this isn’t the case.

Alex Jeffery, who is the actual landlord, also said they just want a licence to trade until 1am and then have the place empty by 1:30.

Karl Jeffery repeatedly said: “We’ll make sure we’re not a problem to anybody, if any of the residents have any problem they can come and talk to me any time and we’ll take any necessary action,”20150305_13234320150305_132232