Photography Assignment

We will remember themLest we forgetCenotaph picture 9Cenotaph picture 8Cenotaph picture 7Cenotaph picture 6Cenotaph picture 5Cenotaph picture 4Cenotaph picture 3Cenotaph picture 2Cenotaph picture 1 These first 11 pictures were taken in my hometown of Hull, the next selections include photos taken on my recent trip to see the cemeteries and other memorials of the Great War, in and around Ypres during the commemorations for Armistice Day and marking 100 years since the start of that war!wpid-20141109_124525.jpg

Poppies from around the world inside the Menin Gate

Poppies from around the world inside the Menin Gate

screen shot 1Armistice tour 16Armistice tour 15Armistice tour 14Armistice tour 13Armistice tour 12Armistice tour 11Armistice tour 10Armistice tour 9Armistice tour 8Armistice tour 7Armistice tour 6Armistice tour 5Armistice tour 4Armistice tour 3Armistice tour 2Armistice tour 1Auschwitz 1 Gas ChamberAuschwitz II Birkenau gatehouseThese two photos that I took when I visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp, also taken on a mobile phone albeit a different one to the photos taken this year, were photos that I looked back at and had a definite influence on the way that I now structure my photos, for instance using the leading lines influence from the railway lines outside the infamous gatehouse at Auschwitz II Birkenau, and the rule of thirds which appears in the photo looking at the wall and grass verge with the chimney at the top when down the side of the gas chamber at Auschwitz 1. _MG_9620_MG_9619 These two photos of Aaron Irwin taken in Queens Gardens which were test shots again show some of the principals that I used for the shots in Belgium and the memorials in Hull.

More photos

1381650_10203166462858243_879255555942660497_n Original photo taken at the Menin Gate, I went on photoshop and enhanced the image because this original photo, taken on my phone, didn’t give the impression I wanted as the colour on it was too weak so I tweaked it to produce the next photo which, I believe, presents a stronger image of what is a very emotional place, at an emotional time.wpid-20141109_124525.jpg

Enhancing photos on Photoshop

1509678_10203180232082465_1592363539315862226_nI took this photo at the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate but because this photo was taken on my phone it wasn’t the greatest quality and the colour of the main subject, the poppies, wasn’t as bright and vibrant as I was aiming for. As shown in the screen shot I changed the vibrancy by increasing the colour so that the poppies stand out more and the colour is more realistic and eye catching.screen shot 1More vibrant poppies1