CATS- Reflection 2

Having reflected on the previous week we started speaking much about the phone hacking scandal and the Leveson inquiry and had a moral poser about whether phone hacking can ever be justified.

Then we talked about what the Leveson inquiry means and whether we still have a truly free press which we will be talking about more in the weeks and months to come.

From personal experience I think we have a fairly free press because I’ve certainly been allowed into areas that I would never have expected such as the balcony of City Hall at the Christmas Lights switch on, the Press Box and Media Suite at the KC Stadium when Hull FC have been playing and had Access All Areas at the recent Tre Amici and friends gig at Hull City Hall.

Having said that I have also seen the influence of people being governed as to what they can and can’t say in certain situations like Super League coaches in a press conference after a match or about the proposed merger of the acadamies of bitter rivals Hull FC and Hull KR.

I have every reason to believe that things like this will be spoken about and if there’s any way of extracting the information we want about certain subjects moving forward.

Regarding the earlier poser we came to an agreement that NO phone hacking cannot be justified ever in any way shape or form unanimously.


Cats- Reflection 1

I took quite a lot from this session, we discussed ethics in the media including phone hacking and the dreaded death knock which seemingly nobody wants to do.

Jools was quite competent with his roll-play situation regarding a death knock and it definitely brought it into my consciousness about what it must be like to approach a heart-breaking situation like that.

I found the ethical debate very interesting and it was seemingly very well broken down to show when and how we face ethical situations every day.

Do I believe phone hacking is ever ethical in any way, shape or form? I think when there is a threat to national security we certainly have to take some further reaching measures.

To me journalism has to be scrupulously honest even when reporting something that we maybe don’t like reporting.