Self initiated related email

Here is a transcript of an email that has been sent to myself and my clients regarding my self initiated project.

Dear All


I know you are now going into the first phase of construction – could I remind you to include Ian Judson (DMJ) in on manufacturing trips if possible, so that we can all (artists, HSAD and ABP) gain a good breadth and depth of documentary material around your sculptural journey. The outcome will be excellent coverage for you and the project, which will be conveyed on a variety of media platforms.

I will leave it up to you to get in touch with Ian regarding your individual construction  processes,  however I am happy to oversee any group meetings/activities.


Many thanks,


Here is the response from one of the artists to the above email.

Ok Anna

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Finally here is my response, sent the same day in reply to the email from Anna
Hi Anna

Thanks for this, can we have a group meeting soon please so I can find out exactly what the Artists and ABP would like to see from me and I can set out my client brief that I will be working to?

It would be very good to speak with the project photographers as well please!

Kindest Regards

Ian Peter Judson