Project Update

It is now official, I will be working on the Hull FC Community Champions initiative for my self initiated project and I have also had an email now from my contact this morning.

In my email to Ash Foster I mentioned ideas such as videos, interviews, social media work and a small magazine about the initiative, my initial email and his reply are copy and pasted below.

Hi Ash

We spoke at the community champions launch at The Deep. I am studying for a BA (Hons) degree in Journalism and Digital Media at Hull School of Art and Design and doing work experience at the clubs media department at Wykeland House.
I have been given an assignment as part of my degree called a self initiated project and I would like to base my project on the Community Champions initiative if possible please?
Basically this would include me advertising the initiative on many platforms whilst also submitting the work for my degree. I could use platforms such as social media, filming and writing.
I could create a documentary and an 8-16 page pull-out and conduct interviews with anyone involved with the project.
Tom Gooch has given me your direct number which I tried ringing a short time ago, if you would like to contact me direct to discuss this my mobile number is *********** and my home number is ***********
Alternatively you can email me back, any contact in the next few days would be massively appreciated.
Kindest Regards
Ian Peter Judson

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your email this all sounds very interesting.

How about we meet up for a coffee to discuss further? When are you free next week?

Kind Regards

Ash Foster

Partnerships Manager

Hull FC Foundation

Hi Ash

I am free about 11am on Tuesday if that’s good for you?

I really appreciate you allowing me to do this work and I can assure you that I will be working extremely hard on this project.

That’s good for me, whereabouts are you based?
Kind Regards
I live in the town centre and study at Hull School of Art and Design, where would be best for you to meet me?

Shall we say Starbucks in St Stephens?
Kind Regards
Yes that’s fine for me, I’ll see you there at 11am on Tuesday, thank you so much for this.

Kindest Regards