Members Monday

It’s Members Monday! Every week, we showcase and reward the club’s loyal members on and social media channels.

We bring you this week’s ClubHull offer, our members exclusive and this week’s Hull FC Member of the Week. This week’s Member of the Week is Karen Horton.

Favourite current player: Gareth Ellis and Albert Kelly

All-time favourite player: Steve Prescott will always have a massive part in my heart

Karen travels from her home in Castleford to watch the Black and Whites every week.

Not only is she a long-term supporter, but she also works with supporters group FC Voices and started watching the Black and Whites during the Boulevard days.

“When I started watching, Lee Crooks was married to my best friend’s sister so she started taking me along to The Boulevard. That was in the days when the Threepenny Stand was the entire length of the pitch.

“I remember standing there as a young girl in absolute awe of everything that was happening around me.”

“I’ve been on FC Voices for over 10 years now, it’s something that not a lot of people realise what we do,” she added.

“We try to be a middle man. In the early days one of the things that we did was we got the trains changed.”

Like many Hull fans, last season’s Challenge Cup triumph was the pinnacle of Karen’s time watching the Airlie Birds, though she has some other great memories, too.

“It’s what we’ve all wanted, the Wembley win! But I’ve seen some great games,” she said.

“The Premiership semi-final against Leeds at The Boulevard along with any of the great games at The Boulevard. There’s been some classics.

“Just little snippets like that, but Wembley was amazing.”

Involved in rugby league herself as a fan and a member of FC Voices, Karen is married to Hull FC pitch announcer and commentator, Matt Horton.

Being married to the game of rugby league is something she enjoys.

“Matt has been involved in the game for a while and he commentates on Warrington, Widnes and Hull FC and he’s just started pitch announcing here, which he absolutely loves,” she said.

“So I’m very lucky because I’m involved in the game. Not just as a Hull fan, but I’m involved in other things, too.”

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Our Jack Part 1

I wrote the script to the short play Our Jack a few months ago, I decided to do what I do best, to help me promote my Jack Harrison statue campaign.

With the date of Sunday 30th April now set for our performance(s), at Kardomah 94, I’ve decided to now start writing updates in my blog.

First let me introduce you to everybody involved in the production at this stage, we also have set dates later in the year for a feature length immersive production, so I will introduce you to more people as we move closer to that further down the line.

Our director is Theatre Goddess, and original Trucker, Cassie Patton. Working with Cassie is an absolute dream, she knows everything about working on a production, and she is a huge fan of the man whose story we are telling.

Cassie is working so hard behind the scenes, she has had us rehearsing in her own home, including one-to-one sessions with some of the cast when it has been needed. She has also helped with the cost and procurement of costumes.

Katie Stones is playing Lillian, Jack’s wife, this thoroughly compelling young lady is an absolute treat to work with, she’s massively enthusiastic, and seriously talented with it, I honestly think she will do us all proud, both in the short play and the feature length show.

I only found her by chance, and I’m so happy that I did because she is just going to be outstanding I have no doubt.

Clare Crowther will be playing Jack’s mum Charlotte, and I have to say that I’m thrilled to be working with her. Clare is a superb professional, and learned her lines and got off script in double quick time.

We keep throwing new lines at her for her to learn, today in particular, and it’s all just done almost instantly, it’s a joy to behold.

Kenny Richards-Preston is playing Jack’s father John Harrison. Having worked with Kenny a few times I know exactly what to expect from him, absolute professionalism in bucket loads, and that’s exactly what we’re getting from him.

Kenny is so talented, and I am really pleased he said yes when I asked him to play this part, he is the ultimate professional, everybody who sees this will love him to bits.

The high pressure part of Our Jack is taken on with relish by the brilliant Jordan Matfin. Cassie was the one who spotted him on stage in another show and, despite his considerable work commitments, he is really growing into the role.

Jordan is wonderfully talented, and a really nice lad with it, he’s really engaged with the whole process, and I couldn’t be happier to have him playing the part of Jack in the short play.

The reason I’ve started these blog updates today is because we started rehearsing on the stage at Kardomah 94, and I want to step up the updates other than the ones I’m already putting on social media.

I can confidently tell you that this is a very happy band of people that I’m working with on this production, and that is thanks in no small part to Cassie. As the director Cassie is making every rehearsal a very happy place to be, while also getting the best out of everyone, yours truly included.

Kenny was otherwise engaged today so I had to read in for him, playing the part of Jack’s Hull KR supporting father, most people will know that would be very awkward for me, being that I am a massive Hull FC supporter.

The only reason I can do that when needed, is the fact that I’m doing it for Jack, I like to think he’s smiling down on us.

When we had a meeting with Malcolm Scott about the feature length production, and he expressed his understandable doubts about showing a production about a historic Hull icon, it dawned on me just what we are taking on here.

When we started rehearsals for this short play it suddenly started to feel very real, and as we have been going through them, it’s certainly cranking up the pressure on all of us, hence why the feeling of fun is so important.

Katie and Jordan are having to get very used to each other to make their stage relationship look the way it should, as childhood sweethearts who had known each other all their lives, and then went on to become husband and wife and parents to their only son, as you can imagine, that bit isn’t at all easy.

Our next rehearsal is going to be a week on Wednesday so I want everyone looking out for more rehearsal photos on Facebook and Twitter.

At the time of writing this first entry, I have confirmation that Johnny Whiteley MBE will be at Kardomah 94 for the performance, which will include a Q and A with the cast, Cassie and myself on stage.

While I’ve been writing I have also just received a message from Sammy Lloyd that he will also be there on Sunday 30th April to perform some music for us, along with poetry from the brilliant Artful Codgers.

The Artful Codgers are a group of very good friends of mine Sue and Terry Ireland, Richard Harries and David Osgerby, and I believe there could be new work afoot from them, as well as their already established work, particularly including poems about Jack, Hull FC and World War One.

If you wish to donate to the statue fund here is a link to the JustGiving page.

The Facebook page is here and this is the Twitter account. Please also look out on social media for #Statue52

Members Monday

It’s Members Monday! Every week, we showcase and reward the club’s loyal members on and social media channels.

We bring you this week’s ClubHull offer, our members exclusive and this week’s Hull FC Member of the Week. This week’s Member of the Week is Mark Ash.

Name: Mark Ash

Date of birth: 21/04/1985

Favourite current player: Scott Taylor

All-time favourite player: Richard Swain

Mark Ash has been providing commentary for FC Live since 2012/2013.

He has many fond memories of supporting his boyhood team, Wembley last year being an obvious one, but other games also stick in the memory.

He explains: “Sometimes I go on a night and I just get the feeling that the team are going to do something special because there’s a buzz in the crowd.

“There was a couple of times when we battered Saints when they had a really good team, I remember Nathan Blacklock going practically the length of the field once.

“There was a special comeback against them as well. Francis Meli had scored four tries for them and we were 26-6 down in the second half, I remember the comeback and the Danny Tickle drop-goal that won it for us.”

Over recent times Mark has had a back-to-back battle that proves his indomitable spirit, in 2015 he was diagnosed with cancer, but battled it successfully.

Mark Says: “I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2015. I fought it and won, I was even featured on the front page of the Hull Daily Mail!

“But after that article was published I was told it had come back so I had to fight it again in 2016.

“This time I had a stem cell transplant, and now I’ve been in remission for seven months.”

He explains that supporting the Black & Whites was a big source of help as he twice battled to beat the disease.

He says: “I couldn’t go to games when I was having chemo because it absolutely batters your immune system, so there was too much risk of catching an infection.

“So I used to really look forward to the games on telly, they would put a smile on my face, especially when the team put in a big performance.”


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Members Monday

It’s Members Monday! Every week, we showcase and reward the club’s loyal members on and social media channels.

As Hull FC take on St Helens this Friday night, playing for the Steve Prescott Cup, this week’s Member of the Week is Linzi Prescott.

Linzi is the wife of former Hull and Saints player Steve Prescott MBE, who sadly passed away in 2013.

Both teams will be playing for the Steve Prescott Cup on Friday night, and Linzi says she always looks forward to coming back to Hull after Steve had two stints with the Black and Whites as a player.

“I’m really looking forward to Friday evening, I love Hull having spent a long time there and the boys are excited for it too as they were born in Hull,” she said.

“We spent around eight years in the city, and even when Steve moved to Wakefield we stayed there and he travlled every day.

“We absolutely loved it over in Hull, we made some good friendships and the people at the club are fantastic.”

Steve began his career with St Helens before moving on to Hull followed by a brief spell with Wakefield, before returning to FC for the final two years of his career.

Having experienced the Hull fans during Steve’s time with the club, Linzi says the FC fans hold a special place in her heart.

“From day one since Steve first signed for Hull FC, the fans have been amazing,” she said.

“Steve was someone who always gave his all when he was playing and he always received a brilliant reception.

“He loved both clubs and it’s really special that he can be honoured with the Steve Prescott Cup. Both teams hold a special place in our hearts and we’ve got all our family coming over for the game on Friday. It’ll be a special occasion.”

This year marks 10 years since the Steve Prescott Foundation was launched and there are a number of events lined up to commemorate it.

“This year is our 10-year celebration of the foundation and we’ve got a music festival planned at the Totally Wicked Stadium in July, with some good bands lined up and Johnny Vegas will be hosting it.

“I’ve also signed up to do Kilimanjaro again along with the St Helens Triathlon, too.”

Full details of the upcoming events can be found on and on Twitter by following @StevePrescott1

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Hull FC work experience feedback

Below is the text of an email I received from my boss at Hull FC media Simon Dent, giving feedback about the work experience I have been doing there.

Ian has been gaining valuable work experience with the Hull FC media team for over a year now. Ian contributes to the club’s website and match day programme by writing news stories and features. He also assists on match days and volunteers to cover reserves matches on weekend for the club’s website.

Ian’s roles on match days vary from writing match reports to interviewing players after games and assisting in other ways where required.

The work Ian produces is of a good standard, but there is room for improvement in some areas. If Ian works on these areas then he will improve and continue to develop the skills he’s already learned whilst on work experience.

T2 Trainspotting- Review

When this sequel to the 90’s cult classic was announced, I thought to myself Oh please god NOOOOOO!! That’s just messing with near perfection.

I am happy to report that I was wrong with that thought, this sequel is brilliant, indeed some people may say that it is better than the original, depending on their viewpoint.

While I wouldn’t personally say this is better than the original, it certainly gives it a very good run for its money. The easy thing for ace director Danny Boyle to have done with this production would be to rely on quoting the original, dredging up the same stuff.

Instead what they have produced is a story that has moved on, taking into account the intervening 20 (or should that be 21) years, and while nodding to some of the best bits of the original, the movie also takes into account developments in the world, and the characters lives with expert precision.

The way that the four main characters have developed, and what they’re up to now, is beautifully presented and the story-line is quickly established, but you’re also kept guessing with some wonderful little sub-plots, adding to the nature of the characters that we know so well.

Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle are in particularly excellent form, whilst Ewen Bremner and Ewan McGregor also keep the story moving at expert pace.

Carlyle is fantastically menacing as the still psychotic Begbie, but he doesn’t over play it, as he also makes him quite comedic, particularly with one problem he has, and his over the top solution to it, he also makes him quite likable, even human, at times.

Miller reprises his role as Sick Boy from the original, adding to the original character expertly, and surprising us by going by his actual proper name, seemingly a shift forward from being the original Sick Boy!

There is more meat put on the bones of the characters Spud and Renton, and the friendships of the awesome foursome are even more developed right in front of your eyes, by going further back in their history.

The thrilling, but also beautifully shockingly funny, ending is superbly built-up and is executed with really genuine quality, rather than going for the all out bludgeoning ending, you are left with an ending that truly befits this marvelously entertaining movie.

The fact that the whole thing is fabulously believable also adds to the magic of this inspired piece of film-making, please enjoy!