Graphic Design self promotion research

I have had ideas for self promotion after researching the colour wheel and other examples of self promotion. Looking at the colour wheel and RGB and CMYK gave me the idea for my business card. It will have a black background on one side with my logo and name written in red on it. On the other side of my business card it will be a white background with my contact details written in black on it, this is to give a striking difference to the different sides of the business card which will make it stand out and easily memorable. For my self promotional postal gift I will make a DVD showing work that I’ve done and with a piece of music playing to actually draw the client in. The piece of music I’ve picked for my DVD is Spring from the 4 Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi but I could use any piece of music with it to suit the audience that is going to see it as long as it portrays professionalism whilst also projecting the image that I want. The idea for my letterhead is to have a gradient with black at the very top, mottled grey and underlined with a silver flash and with my logo and name written in silver on the grey area, this is something that I have worked on in Microsoft Word and isn’t perfect yet but I feel confident that I can make it work. The idea for my letterhead has also influenced my thinking behind my compliment slip which I would have in graphite grey with my logo and name in silver on it. For my promotional flyer I see it in size A5 with my logo in light grey as a feignt background and with just my contact details, such as my phone number, email address, website address and my social media pages on it in colours that suit the form of contact. For instance my Facebook contact details, Twitter account and LinkedIn account would be written in the different grades of blue associated with them.

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