T2 Trainspotting- Review

When this sequel to the 90’s cult classic was announced, I thought to myself Oh please god NOOOOOO!! That’s just messing with near perfection.

I am happy to report that I was wrong with that thought, this sequel is brilliant, indeed some people may say that it is better than the original, depending on their viewpoint.

While I wouldn’t personally say this is better than the original, it certainly gives it a very good run for its money. The easy thing for ace director Danny Boyle to have done with this production would be to rely on quoting the original, dredging up the same stuff.

Instead what they have produced is a story that has moved on, taking into account the intervening 20 (or should that be 21) years, and while nodding to some of the best bits of the original, the movie also takes into account developments in the world, and the characters lives with expert precision.

The way that the four main characters have developed, and what they’re up to now, is beautifully presented and the story-line is quickly established, but you’re also kept guessing with some wonderful little sub-plots, adding to the nature of the characters that we know so well.

Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle are in particularly excellent form, whilst Ewen Bremner and Ewan McGregor also keep the story moving at expert pace.

Carlyle is fantastically menacing as the still psychotic Begbie, but he doesn’t over play it, as he also makes him quite comedic, particularly with one problem he has, and his over the top solution to it, he also makes him quite likable, even human, at times.

Miller reprises his role as Sick Boy from the original, adding to the original character expertly, and surprising us by going by his actual proper name, seemingly a shift forward from being the original Sick Boy!

There is more meat put on the bones of the characters Spud and Renton, and the friendships of the awesome foursome are even more developed right in front of your eyes, by going further back in their history.

The thrilling, but also beautifully shockingly funny, ending is superbly built-up and is executed with really genuine quality, rather than going for the all out bludgeoning ending, you are left with an ending that truly befits this marvelously entertaining movie.

The fact that the whole thing is fabulously believable also adds to the magic of this inspired piece of film-making, please enjoy!