Documentary filming- Reflection

Filming at the Hull FC v Huddersfield Giants match for the documentary was a great experience and did more for me than I expected.

The main positive to come out of it was that I learnt new things particularly about filming around children, filming at a major event also tested me and gave me an insight into another part of mainstream media.

On matchday the KCOM Stadium is obviously an extremely busy place to be and you can’t fail to learn no matter what you’re doing, I must also say that being filmed myself by my colleague Jools Oughtibridge, while I was filming, felt a bit different when I was aware of him.

Being able to access most areas of the stadium was very important and will, I believe, really add to the documentary and give a sense of what this experience was like.

I was very pleased with how I managed my time filming, it would have been very easy for me to get caught up in the atmosphere and forget what I was doing, but I believe I remained professional.

It was a positive experience for both of us and I took plenty of positives from it.


JJ Tatten interview- Reflection

The interview with JJ Tatten was extremely informative and his passion for the Hull FC/Cobus Communications Community Champions Foundation, and what it is doing for the young people at The Warren, came across very clearly.

The work the foundation is doing is obviously very important and seems to be doing a very good job of creating a sense of belonging for some of the most outcast young people who, without what the foundation is doing, would have very little to look forward to.

The Warren was given eight season passes for this season and these are used in a sort of rota because so many of the young people want to take advantage of the work that the foundation is doing.

Mr Tatten communicated that they are enjoying going to watch Hull FC play in Super League but that it is about so much more than going to a rugby league match for them, he was very enthusiastic about the legacy that being involved with this initiative will leave.

Having been to The Warren and met Mr Tatten before personally it seems very apparent that the work being undertaken by the foundation is proving to be very positive and influential in a very good way.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how this interview looks in the documentary when it is finished.