Emails between myself and Ash Foster

Here are questions I intend to ask JJ Tatten, please cut out any unnecessary ones and add on your own if required.

I will wait for your approval before I contact him for an interview.

They are good, I would just discount questions 4 and 6 and not use these ones. You can ask the others though. I will let you know about the Mike Smith interview.

Kind Regards

Ash Foster

Great stuff, I will contact him tomorrow to request an interview, would you like to be there as well when I interview him?


It will be ok if you go by yourself for this one the questions are all good.

I wil lome with you on the Mike Smith one which will be on Monday 4th April in the afternoon, can you make that?

Kind Regards

Ash Foster

Yes I can do Monday 4 April to interview Mike Smith.

Ok that’s great cheers, its 2pm at Cobus off Hessle Road.

I will have a look at some questions for this.

Kind Regards

Ash Foster


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