Possible dissertation subjects- The legacy of strong journalism

Another possible subject for my dissertation could be about showing what would be the affect of strong journalism, asking if it could truly make a difference which could be compared to previous successes.

Showing previous stories like the Michael Buerk report from Ethiopia in 1984 and the subsequent Live Aid concerts which happened as a result of it.

Other subjects that could be used to show a legacy of strong journalism could be Watergate or the case of Jack the Ripper and subsequent bringing down of then Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Charles Warren.

The question I would ask could be along the lines of, how much did these events shape modern society or, after a raft of change, could journalism do something similar now?

This would involve in-depth investigation of what happened, how and the legacy it has left as well as showing how these events would have been affected in modern day journalism.

Possible dissertation subjects- Journalism and the law

Considering possible subjects for my dissertation my first thought is about the affect of the law on journalism.

One thing I read when I first thought of this was an online blog detailing seven laws every journalist needs to know covering subjects from database rights to hate speech.

This blog covered such subjects like using Creative Commons and Open Government Licence among other options available to the media.

In McNae’s Essential law for journalists 60th anniversary 22nd edition introduction, it claims that The UK media enjoy freedoms which are the envy of journalists in oppressed societies.

It then goes on to say that, Nevertheless, the UK has more laws affecting journalism than is the case in some other democracies, and so a sound, thorough knowledge of legal matters is especially important for UK journalists.

When considering if the UK has a truly ‘free press’ which is not governed by too many laws affecting journalism an interesting question could be, How to define what is a truly free press and what influence could it have on politics, business or governmental?

With the increasing amount of laws affecting journalism, especially since the Lord Justice Leveson inquiry, but with other undeniable freedoms, what influence does the press have in the UK currently?

Considering such a subject would include researching Custom LawPrecedent Law and Statute Law and breaking down the differences between the various courts in the English legal system.