Journalism Research

The question is, What would be the socio-political impact of fewer trained journalists in the UK?

This is my research to try and answer this question.

A research in 2013 said that less than 14% of the world lived in countries that have a completely free press according to Global Investigative Journalism Network, it is said that a country with a free press have a better democracy and more economic stability.

The Leveson Report certainly had a major effect on press freedom in the UK and, along with this, I believe fewer trained journalists here can only have a bad impact on our society.

In the 2013 report it said, after the publication of the Leveson Report in November 2012, that the UK has a totally free press, I believe this could cause major talking points when it comes to the definition of a free press and, therefore, the impact of fewer journalists here.

Documentary Film Treatment

I have written this treatment for the documentary we are making about the Fruit Market area regeneration.



The Fruit Market area on Hull Marina is being transformed to the point that it will be almost unrecognisable compared to how it was.

So far nearly £5M has been spent on regenerating the much-loved area that is seen as the cultural hub of the next City of Culture, but will it survive the work?

A team of students are going to introduce us to the area, show what was, what is and what, hopefully, will be as this formerly dilapidated old area is breathed back to life for new and old established businesses and creative works.

With the eye-catching new C4Di building and The Deep to attract the roving eye of the multitude of visitors expected in 2017, and other iconic places such as The Minerva public house and Fruit warehouse theatre what does the future hold?

What does the regeneration mean for the famous Humber Street Sesh music festival and the Freedom Festival not long after that?

Will the Humber Street area be ready for its own events in 2016 to provide a prelude to what is destined to arrive the following year?