Reflection- Test and Research

Being set a research job with a very quick turnaround was a very good test for us and I was very pleased with what I found out about the increase in use of mobile platforms for news consumption.

What it did for all of us who were in the lecture was give us some invaluable experience in turning something round very quickly, we had an hour, which was not straightforward because of the work we had to put in to complete it.

I am very happy with what I’m learning about academic writing, I know my writing is very strong due to my play writing, but academic writing is quite a different sort of skill and it will serve me very well moving forward.

My researching is also, I believe, very much up to scratch and I seem to be getting very much better at handling what I am doing.

Finding out what I did about the rise in the use of apps and the internet for news consumption was quite an eye-opener for me.

I have a test about academic writing to do at home and hand in next week and I believe I can do well in it.

As this semester goes on I do seem to be regaining confidence in myself and the work I’m producing.

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