More emails about my self initiated

There has seemingly been some activity regarding the project which my self initiated assignment is based on which I have been made aware of this week.

Below is a few of the emails that have been forwarded to me, plus my reply, there are other emails but they seem to not be practical to publish.

Hi Patrick,

There is a 2nd year Journalism student, Ian Judson, who will be ‘capturing’ the ABP process as part of a self-directed project. I have connected him and the artists, so we will see what comes from this relationship.

I am happy, nay, overjoyed , to meet if you around on Thursday afternoon? Perhaps 3pm?



From: Patrick Leonard
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2016 8:35 AM
To: Anna Kirk-Smith
Subject: FW: Creative Futures

Hi Anna


How is this week looking for a creative futures case study?


I was thinking that a video case study of your ABP sculpture students would be worthwhile, are they keeping video blogs of the construction process?





Hi Anna

Thanks for all this, I’m thinking a meeting with yourself and Patrick would be a very good thing for me, when would suit both of you best?

I spoke to Dave Eccles today he said you have his stuff for approval so I was wondering if I could see it please?

Kindest Regards

Ian Peter Judson


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