Truly Inspired Charity Expanding More And More

Inspire Communities charity creator Dave Edeson has more plans to expand on their operation for the good of the people of Hull.

Mr Edeson started the charity five years ago as a community project which was subsequently granted charity status in 2013 and now helps people with all different issues such as homelessness, disability, unemployment, benefit sanctions and depression.

This truly inspirational man sits in the cafe he opened in October 2015 to raise funds for the charity and, with a glint in his eye, says: “We’re here for everyone who has some sort of issue or facing any sort of crisis.

“We help people to engage and move on in life with a renewed sense of purpose and provide different sorts of help.”

The charity has recently started running a Job Club every Thursday morning at Dock House home of fellow charity HULLHARP and also run a job club at The Crossings hostel as well as having a daily job club at their George Street building.

Mr Edeson continues: “Somebody may get their benefits sanctioned because they have low social confidence or may lack the confidence to explain that they struggle with reading and writing or computers.

“Sometimes they can become frustrated because they may not be able to articulate their job seeking activities very well verbally or in written form.

“If they can’t use a computer very well then there will be a lack of online applications. A combination of this missing information at a signing on appointment can be frustrating for both job seeker and advisor.”

The charity are trying to create a hub where people can go for all sorts of help, they have Citizen’s Advice Quids In service in on a Wednesday and Thursday which patrons need to book an appointment for and Renew are there on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings to help people with alcohol and/or substance misuse issues.

There is also a Carer’s Group which started off as a peer support and activity group for carers, it was originally intended to be a chance for carers to give each other advice and support, but importantly, to provide activities and new friendships that will give them something to look forward to engaging in each week, as a period of respite in their difficult lives.

Mr Edeson says: “Sometimes a carer won’t engage in activities because they feel they can’t leave the person they care for at home. With this in mind, we have now built upon the project by employing two sessional workers, to provide activities for both the carer and the person they care for.

The charity is also providing Health and Well Being sessions including relaxation and breathing exercises, Yoga and are soon starting up First Aid Training with the Red Cross. They also run an Expert Patient Programme when the need is there.

This part of the charity is run by two amazing ladies who are already carer’s themselves Lynda Huckvale and Amy Hutson who work on the first floor directly above the cafe.

Another floor up and you walk into the computer room where the job club takes place from 9.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

They also have an Outreach service to help people with computer training and this truly outstanding charity doesn’t stop there. They also help people with things like staying healthy, registering with a doctor, sorting out benefits issues and shopping on a budget.

They also want to provide a teaching kitchen and help with social/community groups and already provide work experience.

Speaking about the thoroughly relaxed but buzzing cafe Mr Edeson says: “We started it because we don’t want to always be applying for this and that funding, we want to make our own money to fund ourselves.”

Also working extremely hard for the charity are Carla Marsh, who also volunteers for a local soup kitchen, and Joanna Czyzyk. These tireless ladies can be seen buzzing around the cafe adding to the fabulous atmosphere that prevails within and one can only sense that, with people like these working there, the people of Hull suffering from poverty, deprivation and all manner of other issues have not just a shining light, but a massive bright beacon that could even resemble a supernova at the end of George Street.

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