Self Initiated Meeting With ABP and Artists

The first meeting with ABP and the artists was very useful and extremely busy as much ground was covered regarding the documentation for the commission and what coverage of the project I will supply.

Dave Eccles showed us the original documentation and Rachel and Laura from ABP discussed the amendments they had made which will mean a whole new book to be produced by Dave due to the extensive changes to it.

Anna Kirk-Smith was very helpful to meand I thought my presentation as it were to the group was very well received as I explained what coverage I can provide for this project.

Laura seemed quite happy with the idea of coverage at least in part by Browse magazine who I am doing work experience with and it was explained to me that social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram, will be quite important when needed.

The artists all seemed very receptive to my ideas which will include video, photography and social media and they have no objections to me interviewing them as well.

I mentioned the idea of a documentary charting the story from conception to unveiling and that got quite an enthusiastic response from all parties so it is something I will certainly look to develop.

I spoke to Dave Eccles later and he has agreed to provide me with documentation, both original and new which he is working on as I type this, and I have said I will provide Anna and Laura with a list of my press contacts so we can discuss coverage more in-depth at the next meeting.

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