Murder Mystery Night- Review

It’s not every day that you see a theatre turned into a restaurant with dining tables, seats and a three course meal with actors interacting, eating and drinking with the audience but that’s what was presented to us at Kardomah 94 last night.

But this was no ordinary evening, it was a festive murder mystery with characters like Santa and Mrs Maureen Claus, the Ice Queen, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Cindy Lou, Jack Frost and The Grinch as the cast.

On entering the theatre we were met by these fantasy characters who were all dressed for the part like the Ice Queen in a long silver dress and The Grinch smothered in green from head to foot which made a very relaxed atmosphere even more convivial and fun with a lot of high octane energy which made you forget what the evening was about.

Once everyone was seated at their respective tables with their host characters the production started with some comedy acting which set out the possible murderous conflicts very well with the revelation of Santa having a fling with the Ice Queen.

From this the action moved to include other conflicts between all the characters with fantastic comedy timing and it kept coming as the three courses of the stunning meal were being served to us.

The different characters were developed through audience/character interaction and ordinary conversations that wove the whole tapestry of the production together with real style.

As the evening proceeded there was all sorts of alternative entertainment which included the Ice Queen treating us to the sound of her fantastic singing voice whilst still holding the poise that her character demanded.

Later it was the turn of Rudolph to take to the stage for some hilarious party games, including one that had members of the audience passing fluffy fake snowballs between themselves without using their hands.

There was a pervading sense of organisation and professionalism running through the whole evening which gave a great festive atmosphere.

When the ‘murder’ of Santa Claus happened it was done swiftly and gracefully and the sense of fun continued as we all had a chance to ‘interrogate’ the suspects before Rudolph was revealed as the murderer and The Grinch was made the Christmas Meister and dressed up in a Christmas jumper and Santa hat.

All in all it was an absolute treat to be present at this evening and one can only hope that there will be more to come in future.

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