Government Minister- Michael Fallon MP

Secretary of State for Defence.

Responsibilities: The secretary of state for defence has overall responsibility for the business of the department providing strategic direction on policy, operations, acquisitions and personnel matters including: Operational strategy including as a member of the National Security Council, defence planning (Including SDSR 15) programme and resource allocation (Including the spending round) international relations including lead for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) defence exports policy, including as Chair of the cross-Government Exports Working Group, nuclear programme and communications.

Educated at Epsom College and University of St. Andrew’s and was MP for Darlington from 1983 to 1992. Elected MP of Sevenoaks, Kent in 1997.

Minister for Department of Education and Science 1990 to 1992. Has recently held positions on Treasury Select Committee and was Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. Appointed Minister for Business and Enterprise in September 2012 and Minister of State for Energy in March 2013 became Minister for Portsmouth in 2014 and was appointed Defence Secretary on 15 July 2014.


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