A Bit Of Colour Writing

I arrived at Kardomah 94 about 10 minutes before the show was due to start and introduced myself to the two ladies who were checking tickets and taking donations for the people who are all fighting against food poverty.

Throughout the venue an air of hope and willingness for the cast and production pervaded as everyone knew they were taking on a very risky subject and there were going to be no holds barred in what was to come. The dim lighting added to the atmosphere as people, able bodied and disabled alike, gathered together in the audience to see this tragically prevalent story.

I was here to take notes and write a review, which I subsequently did, but not before I saw what looked like a portion of my former life before my very eyes, it made me want to weep and angry at the incompetence of ‘Authority’ all over again.

This could have been my, or many other people’s, story on a stage for all to see.

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