A Day Out With The Few

Hull Wyke Ladies rugby league team coach Danny ‘Choppy’ Devine asked me to go for a day out to watch his new ladies team play at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire, naturally as a rugby league fan I snapped up the chance.

The team Minibus is really something to behold, it’s the only minibus I know that has to have its door fastened shut with a bungee, but it certainly has a character all of its own and it got us swiftly and safely from A to B and back to A again.

Hull Wyke Ladies RL are a well mannered bunch and a definite treat to share a minibus with, they know their rugby league pretty well as would be expected and the banter is great fun.

In this team supporter’s of Super League sides Hull FC and Hull KR stand side-by-side and have a great comradeship together as one, it comes across as clear as a whistle.

We hit the open road and headed for the county on the other side of the Humber Bridge, it’s a bit of a trek which took just slightly less than two hours to navigate.

When you get to RAF College Cranwell it’s a big base and even has its own car park for the sports ground, walking up towards where the game was to be played coach Danny Devine had to have a word with his team to make them aware of certain things they mustn’t do including bad language, all was being taken very seriously by this brand new team.

The game itself was a fast and free-flowing end to end affair as both sides traded territory, possession and points.

Stand out player’s for the ladies from Hull were hat-trick hero Jenna Greening and little magician Jade Key as the game was drawn 32-32.

Both sides were a credit to their coaches which also included Stu Gaden and Sally Ellerington for the brave visitor’s who gave every bit as good as they got from the military girls.

At the end seeing both teams posing for photos in front of the posts just put a lovely cap on the proceedings before food was served to the player’s and we returned home.

If you’re a rugby league fan in Hull please go and support this team who seem to cross the great rugby league divide in our City of Culture with genuine ease and great friendship.

Their next game is on Sunday 6th September.

Hull Wyke Ladies Ladies after the match Ladies Close Ladies half time Ladies RL Ladies Teams together Ladies under the posts


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