Reflection- Walter Astrada

Looking at the work of Walter Astrada I was struck by many of his images, his photos in the series Undesired “Missing women in India” are very powerful which you would expect and they do tell stories.

Looking on his website you’re immediately hit by the work he has done with images of civilians in desperate situations and heavy armour as well.

There are images which include children and one in particular shocks you as you look at it because it’s a young boy coming out of a door with a look of horror on his face because there’s a soldier stood outside, the only reason you know about the soldier is because you can see a small bit of his arm in a camouflage jacket.

There seems to be no let up in the intensity of his work as you also see stuff like a man having his head stamped on and also images of street fighting and massive unrest and a young boy laid dead with his throat cut with some faceless people stood around him.

Once again he definitely puts people at the centre of his photos and has great variation, one photo will have great depth like taking in a street and then another will be in an enclosed area like a car.


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