Reflection- Presentation and Essay

On reflection I’m quite happy with how my presentation went although I know it could have been better I do believe I was very accurate in what I said and I’m certain my choice of videos was correct for what I was trying to put across.

I described looking back at the remarkable career’s of Michael Buerk and Martin Bell as being like looking at a couple of bestsellers, I now believe this might have been a bit of a mistake because looking back at them was actually more like looking at an encyclopedia of how to have an outstanding career in journalism.

One thing that I did put right in my essay was saying that you can only be inspired by these two men, after looking at some of their work in-depth I definitely am inspired.

Just like I said about Rageh Omaar and Caroline Hawley, I intend to pick up the baton laid down by Michael Buerk and Martin Bell and if I can have a tenth of the career they’ve had I will be very happy.

I will continue to study these two men, particularly through Michael Buerk’s autobiography The Road Taken, and learn from their influence during my degree and in my future career beyond my graduation in 2017.

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