Reflection- Martin Bell

The session about Martin Bell was an acute lesson in how to deliver war reports and then how to completely change direction in life because of what you have seen.

He started his career with the BBC in 1962 before being called to London in 1965 shortly before his first foreign trip for them to Ghana.

Learning about his career it has become very apparent that he covered many wars and conflicts, 11 in total, and has reported from 80 different countries.

In his reports from Bosnia he has a sense of urgency in his voice and he isn’t afraid of reporting from the side of troops and the side of civilians as well.

There are times he does a piece to camera with either troops and guns or with civilians around him which I find truly extraordinary.

It is well documented he then used his Bosnian experiences to great effect as he announced his candidacy and then overturned a huge Tory majority in the seat of Tatton in the 1997 General Election.

His success in the election made him a symbol of the fight against sleaze in the Conservative government after he had been a symbol of war reporting.

His reflection on his time as a war correspondent to a packed out audience at The Frontline Club is very insightful.

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