Reflection- Joseph Pulitzer

Our session about Joseph Pulitzer was very eye-opening. Obviously we knew about the Pulitzer Prize but this session also told us about the discovery of ‘Yellow Journalism’ which propounded the idea of mass circulation of newspapers which depended on advertising income.

It also appealed to readers with several forms of news, entertainment and advertising.

I’ve also learnt that the Pulitzer Prizes were established in 1917 after he bequeathed money to Columbia university and that they recognize achievement in the fields of journalism and photography but also literature, poetry, history, music and drama.

His bequest also saw the opening of the Columbia School of Journalism in 1912.

Yellow journalism was actually caused by the competition between his New York World and William Randolph Hirst’s New York Journal in the 1890’s.

He is also known for crusading against corruption and big business and he was a Democratic congressman 1885-1886.

He also helped to ensure that the Statue of Liberty stayed in New York.

Pulitzer bought the St. Louis Dispatch and the St. Louis Post in 1879 and merged them together as the St. Louis Post- Dispatch.

With this he developed his role as a champion of the ordinary man-on-the-street with exposes and a hard-hitting populist approach.

He introduced ‘New-Journalism’ to his papers in the 1880’s and became a leading national figure in the Democratic party which is what led to his election to congress.

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