Immersive Web Experience idea

Immersive Web Experience Idea

My idea for an IWE about Michael Buerk is meant to educate people about such things as the Ethiopian famine. Apartheid in South Africa and the socio-political impact his reports had.

There is also meant to be an element of fun with videos of his time in the jungle for I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

I chose Michael Buerk as a subject because of his huge influence and the fact that a lot of the work he did as a journalist is still very relevant today and is still, clearly, very influential.

The IWE would also have, if possible, a link to his presentations on The Moral Maze and The Choice, both of which he presented on radio, and I would see them as having a different production of these each time you click the link.

I would also like to take pictures of him from his book The Road Taken to show him at different stages of his life and career.

I would also hopefully include some video of the munition dump explosion in Addis Ababa, from which he had to be airlifted and which injured the cameraman who accompanied him to Ethiopia.

There could also possibly be some video of the devastating effect of the Tsunami that his son Roland survived.

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