Work Done For Sound Podcasts

Work Done for Sound Podcasts.

Most of the work I have done for the two podcasts has been sitting in the editing suite with Danielle Walker to edit the interviews we have collected.

I have also been interviewed twice myself, once for each podcast, talking about current and future theatrical projects I’m involved in.

I have also had some input regarding the scripts and I also arranged all the interviews with cast members and writer’s for the first podcast.

I have learnt a lot about what editing is like and the patience that is required when listening to literally hours of material.

Being interviewed was a good lesson for me, then listening to, and editing, myself was quite a surreal experience.

I also went and found out information for the second podcast such as the fact that the film A Royal Night Out, which was filmed in Hull last year, was having a special advanced screening on 8th May before going on general release a week later.

I also provided some direction although this wasn’t needed much as the whole team seemed to know everything they were doing anyway so the sum total of my direction was just suggestions about basic presentation.

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