John Tully v Tom Ryaboi photography

John Tully and Tom Ryaboi both have very distinctive styles and composition, but they are both very different. In his ‘rooftopper’ pictures Tom Ryaboi is clearly putting buildings and extreme views at the centre of the composition, while John Tully clearly has people as the most identifiable part of his pictures.

Tully also has a definite political theme in some of his photography, as evidenced by his photo series called The Fringes. Occasionally the centre of his pictures will revolve around a building or a particular object like a chair or chairs and tables or even a car but generally people seem to be the centre of his attention primarily.

Apart from his rooftopping Ryaboi also seems to have a penchant for taking photographs with different types of risk attached like fires or flooding.

The one common theme that both photographer’s appear to have is that they both seem to have people as central in some of their photography, although it is very much a secondary theme with Ryaboi.

Also Ryaboi seemingly appears in many of his photos, normally stood on the edge of a roof of a very big building as though to give some scale to the size and height of the shot.

Some of Ryaboi’s work with people at the centre does also seem to have something of a political edge to it although it’s seemingly about political protest rather than the political arena as it were.

Both photographer’s are multidisciplinary and some of their works are truly stunning, while others are compellingly basic and both tell many stories with their pictures.


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