Hull Author Finishes Latest Jack the Ripper Book By Ian Peter Judson

Hull author Mike Covell has finished writing his latest book on the subject of the world’s most notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper and has implicated a Hull man as a possible suspect.

Having finished writing the book yesterday Mr Covell says he cannot definitely state who was the knife wielding serial killer in Victorian London but believes Robert D’Onston Stephenson could be a compelling suspect.

Another author, Melvin Harris, stated in his book Ripper File that ‘alone, of all the suspects, had the right profile of the opportunities, the motives and the ideal cover. His background, his personality, his skills, his frame of mind all [point to] him for the fateful role.’

Apart from his book writing Mr Covell is also working on a new TV programme that he hopes will be aired later this year called Jack the Ripper, Reality or Myth?

He is also having a debate and Q and A with fictional crime author Nick Quantrill on 18th April at the Annison Building in Witham and later in the year there will be live streaming of an actual paranormal investigation.

People can book for ghost walks through the Facebook page Amazing Hull Tours, he does walking tours, virtual tours and lectures.

As well as lectures and paranormal investigations there is also a small section at the Annison Building called Hull’s Dark History Museum which Mike started with a business partner.CBCH6W0XIAAJwVE CBCH744W8AAKizM