Paris trip Day 3

The penultimate day in Paris. Martin and I decided to start with a trip to Notre Dame, it’s a massively imposing building and leaves you with a crick in your neck from looking up all the time.

We took about an hour to walk round the cathedral and take several photos. It is a truly stunning place and, once again, it is a place that I am very pleased to have visited and I will gladly go back there at some point in the future. It certainly puts Holy Trinity, which I live near, into perspective just because of the sheer size and detail of it.

We left the cathedral and went back across to Shakespeare and Company because I had only looked round downstairs last night so today I wanted to look at the upstairs. Looking upstairs is quite a thrill because you see where writer’s who are invited to stay there actually sleep.

There is also a personal library full of books which you can read but are not for sale at any price.

We walked the long distance back to the hotel, which took longer than we expected because we thought we were only about 2 miles away from the hotel.

After we’d had lunch I took my medication and fell asleep for a few hours, after this we decided to go and do the last bit of sightseeing by going for tea and then going to The Louvre art gallery.

The Louvre is massive and in the hour and a half we had there we only scratched the surface but having seen the Monna Lisa that was the part that I really wanted to see and we saw lot’s more Italian art and also Spanish art and Thomas Gainsborough also has a display there.

We took many photos again as we went round and it is certainly a place that I will have to go back to because it is a place that I could easily spend a whole day in.

After this we headed back to the hotel so I could have a shower and do this post in my blog, tomorrow is the long day as we make the journey home