Paris trip day 1

I was pleased to see some of our travelling party when I arrived at the railway station at 7:15 this morning. As the group gathered we decided to make our way to the platform to get on the train to Doncaster.

After a quick journey we changed trains and headed off to London King’s Cross. When we got there some people wanted to go and find Platform 9 and 3/4 of Harry Potter fame but they didn’t get to see it which caused a certain amount of disappointment.

Before too long we were heading over to St. Pancras international station to catch the Eurostar to Paris. It is very conveniently marked on the floor where your carriage is so you can’t go wrong

Travelling Eurostar was certainly an experience, not so much because it was my first time but, because I was surrounded by a bunch of young ladies, one of which thought I wasn’t a student, who proceeded to compare notes on boyfriends, amounts of clothes in their cases, and the colour of them, and what they are going to do when they graduate.

On leaving the station the train went into a big tunnel so one such young lady thought that the channel tunnel lasted all the way from London to Paris. When we came out of the first tunnel a few minutes later and she realised we were still very much in England she said she was happy that the tunnel didn’t run all the way to Paris.

Before too long we were in the Channel Tunnel and heading under the sea towards France. When we emerged from the tunnel in Northern France the ladies sat near me were all wondering if we were still in England and, on discovering that cars were driving on the wrong side of the road, the one who earlier had said she was happy that the tunnel didn’t run all the way from London to Paris, announced she was unhappy about her first experience of going through the channel tunnel.

When we arrived at Paris Nord we were soon out of the station and into the fresh air (or as fresh as it can be in a major city). We followed Di and the other lecturers as we picked our way through the French capital to our hotel, unfortunately nobody seemed to be sure in which direction we should be heading so some time was wasted trying to find it.

After a few scares thanks to the French drivers, and Broadie declaring that he doesn’t get Paris because of the people trying to cross the road without a green man at the crossroads (which there definitely is) we made it to the hotel, called Hotel Paris Louis Blanc.

Having got settled in we all met back down in reception to go to the Paris Catacombes. Looking round them was extremely interesting and also very sad but is certainly very much worth visiting if you have chance.

After visiting the catacombes myself and one of my room mates Martin went to Buffalo Grill for tea, we each had a full 3 course meal before heading back to the hotel.