Reflection on a shortened cats session

We started looking at photojournalism today in particular the work of Don McCullin. Due to an unfortunate situation the session had to be somewhat truncated but what we saw on video of the work by Don McCullin was very useful.

Seeing some of the images he captured was very eye opening. His attention to detail is excellent and I got a real sense of feeling from the photos which, he famously once quoted, he wanted people to get from them.

Seeing him go back into a war zone a few years ago was also very informative and it seemed to give off a real sense of his, and the people’s, desperation and seemed to show his own feelings at being in another war zone so many years after he had been in Vietnam.

Seeing him at various stages in his life was also very interesting especially when seeing the effect that the things he was photographing were having on him personally.

I particularly learnt about some of the effects that war journalism can have on a person and what sort of person it takes to be able to communicate particularly desperate situations to the person seeing it through the media.

It also taught me about the sense of timing a photographer needs to capture a particular image.

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