Photography of John Tully

John Tully seems to mainly take photos of people in different situations. He has occasional photos of landscapes or buildings but most of his images have people as central to the picture. Sometimes he may just take a photo of one or two people or maybe a family, other times there will be thousands of people in the picture, for instance at a baseball game. Much of his work in the Great Photojournalism website seems to be in black and white and appears to be quite dark, but a look at his website gives rise to a stark contrast with this as certainly most, if not all, is in bright colour. He seems to be greatly interested in the primaries which happen before an american presidential election, sport and buildings. One opportunistic photo shows two houses, both of which appear to be on trailers or some sort of vehicle, on a beach right at the waters edge, with children and adults in the foreground. He is obviously a very talented photographer who knows his business very well indeed. He also takes portrait photos of american politicians and other political photos but he has a wide range so is hard to nail down to a particular format.

Photography of Tom Ryaboi

Tom Ryaboi is obviously something of a daredevil judging by his photos. On his Flickr account he calls himself Rooftopper, obviously to do with his preferred method of photography known as Rooftopping, in which he, and several others, take the most incredible stomach churning, acute angled photos of towns and cities from building rooftops. He is obviously perfectly safe in some of his photos, but in others he is clearly in perilous danger. He also seems to photograph drastic situations, as borne out by photos he has taken of raging fires and also extreme flooding. He is clearly a very gifted photographer who has produced some fascinating images in his work. A quick look through his Flickr account or on Google just reinforces this. A running theme in many of his Rooftopping photos appears to be that he has something, or someone, in the foreground to give the image backdrop some scale rather than just taking a photo for the sake of taking it. Some of his other normal photos also seem to have this theme, for instance he has one photo with a man and a woman on bikes in the foreground and then there are three other cyclists in the background.