Marxism in journalism essay

b2595fc5dca624b555c810cdceaee9a2karl_marx_quote_2Mideast Egypt Protest These are 3 images relating to the effect of Marxism.of people who are  Karl Marx was a German philosopher, economist, sociologist and revolutionary socialist. His work in economics laid the foundation for much of the current understanding to labour and its relation to capital and subsequent economic thought.

Looking at two of the images, the one with the police and the one with the ‘Game Over’ sign, the connotations to his theories are clear. In the first picture the police are the obvious overwhelming force and shown to be in charge with the use of strength.

In the 3rd picture the sign is being held up above a large crowd who are obviously seen as the weaker force as they appear somewhat downtrodden and the sign above them appears to be symbolic.

However in the 2nd picture there is a statement of hope that the only things the proletariate could only lose their chains that bound them if they rose up to challenge the establishment.


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