Daily Mail Online

Mail Online is the most visited English language newspaper website in the world. It recorded more than 11.34 million visitors daily in August 2014. Mail Online is a division of DMG Media which in turn is part of Associated Newspapers. It also has an international reach with separate home pages for Great Britain, Australia, India and the United States. Most of what is published on the website isn’t in the print version and there is also audio content on the website.

There are various headings on the website which also have sub headings once you go to them. You can click on a link to go to any story and if you click on a link to a video which is embedded on an article it will take you to the article first and then straight to the video wherever it may be on the article.

More than two thirds of its visitor’s are from outside the UK, mostly from America. The online site in America is branded as Daily Mail, rather than Mail Online. They paid Charleston Daily Mail upwards of £1M for exclusive rights to the domain name dailymail.com to make it more attractive to American advertisers.

Although the website is clearly the main hub of the online presence it does also have not insubstantial operations on Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook. There are also Daily Mail Online apps for android phone and Tablet which can be downloaded from Google Play, upon downloading the app from Google Play you are given an option of which publication you wish to receive and are told you can change it any time for instance when you change location like leaving Great Britain and travelling to the United States.

It seems as though Mail Online, despite having no print version there, has somewhat targeted the American market as part of its policy. When looking at the website and the android app it does show headings for the United States on both while Australia only appears on the website although it does seem to have more sub headings and content than America on there.

On 5th March 2014 there was a surprise announcement that another online paper, Metro.co.uk, was to be incorporated with Mail Online. Both publications are part of the Daily Mail and General Trust and it was said that the move “makes business sense” to open up Mail Online resources to Metro.co.uk which has seen year-on-year traffic growth exceeding 300% following investment.

As much as 25% of the traffic on the websiteis thought to be for just celebrity gossip and there also appears to be a good sized following for anything to do with the royal family.

There are also headings on the website for their women’s column Femail, Health, Science, Money, Video and Fashion Finder.

There is also an iPad app and a subscription service. On the homepage where you can sign up for the iPad app it advertises the free app which can be accessed both on and offline to catch up with all the usual features of Mail Online website like UK, US and World News, Celebrity and Showbiz, Sport, Femail, Science and Tech, Health, Money and Travel and many more.

Mail Plus is the interactive subscription service. On the homepage they advertise that you can get a 30 day free trial and then continue getting the full publication every day for £9.99 a month, pointing out that this works out at half the price of the printed paper.

There are options in a drop down menu to pay for the subscription service in GBP, USD or EUR.

Subscription includes Daily Mail Plus, Weekend Magazine, Mail on Sunday Plus, You Magazine and Event Magazine.

In the FAQ’s it states that Mail Plus can be read on iPad, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy. It also says that subscription is automatically renewed unless cancelled during the subscription period and is charged within 24 hours of the end of the previous subscription period. The app is free to download but a subscription needs to be bought to read the edition.

You can buy the subscription on the subscriptions page on the website or by following the instructions within the app. It also tells you on the website that the best ways to pay your subscription are by direct debit, credit or debit card or through PayPal or you can buy it through an app store where you will use the credit card that you registered when setting up an apple, Amazon or Google account.

There are also contact details for any questions about subscriptions that aren’t answered on the website.

Other points of information on the website include, Using The App and Troubleshooting.

The new app includes access up to 7 days worth of back editions including the Coffee Break section and relevant You, Event and Weekend Magazines.

They also give tech advice such as needing a WiFi Connection and high battery level for automatic download to work and that you should have auto download content switched on for downloading on an iPad.

Advice is also given if problems are being encountered downloading an edition for iPad, Kindle or Android.

There is one heading in the Using the App section which tells you how to access Past Issues, Contents, View All Pages, Live News, Search, Puzzles and All Headlines.

The Coffee Break Plus section can be accessed easily from any page in the app by tapping a blue icon that looks like a crossword at the top of the page you’re on, this directs you straight to the Coffee Break section homepage from which you can swipe through the puzzles to see which one you want to play.

Mail Rewards Club members won’t get rewards numbers through Mail Plus but they are planning some special promotions exclusively for subscribers later this year.

The app will work abroad but there is suggestion to use WiFi or contact your service provider to find out about cost and cheaper roaming tariffs so as not to end up with a huge bill.


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