All You Need is Hull, The Beatles and Me

Speaking to Lynda Hill, who compiled the above named book, you get a sense of just how much the fab four from Liverpool still mean to her now.

With a smile on her face and a glint in her eye in the magnificent surroundings of Holy Trinity Church it’s plain to see that she has a great enthusiasm for the band that has seemingly stood the test of time and passed it with flying colours.

The front cover of the book carries a picture of Lynda with the band. She explains to me that the photo was taken at The ABC on 24th November 1963 and goes on to say that they visited Hull 4 times.

She says “The book is my story about me and The Beatles. But not only that, it’s also the stories of other fans who had a connection to the band or other related experiences.

She continues “It’s about 1 city, 2 venues and 4 appearances. They had 2 performances at the Majestic Ballroom and 2 appearances at The ABC.

“One of the performances at the Majestic Ballroom was in 1962 and there was hardly anybody there, when they returned the following year to The ABC the place was jam packed to the rafters.”

The book was released on 20th September and Lynda did book signings in WH Smith in the Prospect Centre and at Waterstones on Jameson Street in the town centre.

The book can be bought at either of those outlets or directly via Facebook by sending a message to Lynda Hill personally or to her alternative page on there called All You Need is Hull The Beatles and Me- Book.

She also tells me about how, at the event last year marking fifty years since The Beatles had been at The ABC, she stood in St. Stephen’s on the exact same spot where she had stood fifty years before, when it was The ABC, at exactly the same time.

I also learned from her about how people from as far flung places as South America, Russia, Australia, Canada, Italy and Greece have ordered the book from her via Facebook..

Lynda is obviously a very genuinely heartwarming lady who recounts certain experiences she had with The Beatles with great zest, but don’t just take my word for it, buy her book and I’m sure you’ll also see her enthusiasm shining back at you.