Reflections on my presentation of a milestone in journalism history.

I was very pleased with how my presentation went. Having been decidedly nervous, as I always am when getting up to speak in front of any group of people, I actually felt quite relaxed because of the company I was in. I had once again enjoyed doing my research which was no surprise because I have a great thirst for knowledge and always enjoy finding out new things, especially about subjects that I feel I already know pretty well like the case of Jack the Ripper. My influence for using that period of history to show a milestone in journalism was threefold. Firstly it was regarding the photo of the horribly mutilated body of Mary Jane Kelly which I believe provided a breakthrough in a different field, that of forensic photography, which has then seemingly had an influence in press photography in later years. Secondly it showed the huge power of the press as they hounded a very powerful man in what certainly was at the time a very politically motivated office, Sir Charles Warren as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force, and forced him to resign that position. Thirdly I believe it provided us with an example of how the press can use their power to almost run a murder investigation by putting ideas forward about who could be the murderer and sensationalising the case thus keeping it very much in the public eye and also by seemingly trying to help the police by publishing pictures of what were thought to be a genuine letter and a post card from the killer to see if anybody recognised the handwriting.


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