The South at Hull City Hall

The South rocked Hull City Hall last night with some old favourites that they did as The Beautiful South and some new songs from their new album Sweet Refrains.

There was no Paul Heaton or Jacqui Abbott of course but with Alison Wheeler and Dave Hemingway, both of which were also in The Beautiful South, as the lead vocalists the band still has that gritty edge that is unmistakable and still makes old classics such as Rotterdam, Perfect 10 and Old Red Eyes sound as original as they always did.

The biggest cheer of the night came from the audience when Dave Hemingway announced how good it felt to be back home in Hull and it was nearly equalled when, having left the stage to chants of “We want more”, the band came back on to sing a few more tunes.

On several occasions they had the whole audience on their feet and even had several people leaving the balcony where I was sat to go down and dance in front of the stage.

On their website,, the band have up to date news about what they’re doing including their work for the Teenage Cancer Trust which also got mentioned several times.

All in all the band clearly has a very big heart and there is a definite magnetism on stage between the two lead vocalists and there is much engagement between the band and the audience which brought a real sense of fun and togetherness to the gig in such magnificent surroundings.

After such a fun filled experience I can only imagine that we will all be hearing much more from, and about, The South in 2015 and for many more years to come, certainly I and no doubt many thousands more will look forward to when they return to Hull and just hope we don’t have to wait too long.


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