Whitefriargate Trade Problems

unnamedWhitefriargate traders say that too many empty units down the Town Centre street are effecting business.

Alison Stutt at Kapow said “Boyes is bringing more trade to the area, but it doesn’t look good with too many empty units.”

Chris Brigham at the Hull People’s Memorial Shop said that Boyes has had no effect on them because most of the people coming to them were doing personal research, maybe partly inspired by the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1 and their Trench and Officers Dugout installation has also proved very popular  so she estimated they are maybe 5-10% up on trade compared to the same time last year.

Manager at the YMCA Shop Gail Graham said “we’re not doing as well now as we were this time last year.

She also said Boyes had not had any effect on them but the empty units are a major problem for the area. “The empty units are effecting business because fewer people are coming this far because of them.”

While shops like Kapow are expecting a rise in trade leading up to the Christmas holidays the charity shops certainly aren’t expecting anything like that because they aren’t that sort of business.


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