Propaganda and Ideology

Learning about Moodle and the library services we can access was very useful and enlightening. I will certainly be using the library after what Carol showed, and told, us.

After our library session we went back to the newsroom and had a very good lesson about Propaganda and Ideology in which most of the talk seemed to revolve around Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime and their use of the above named subjects.

There was also talk about the influence of the press on politics showing the Daily Mail to be a right wing tory publication and also encouraging us to think back to our visit to The Salford Star in September.

We learnt about how we must first understand ideology before we could understand propaganda and we had what was effectively a brainstorming session as we discussed the difference between them.

On the traditional power point we were shown examples of ideology such as Bolshevism and Marxism among others. We were also shown the similarities and differences between propaganda and persuasion.

We saw some wartime posters and we learnt about the effect on the press if they don’t support a particular ideology especially in a time of war.

There was talk again of Town Hall pravdas and their effect on the increase of council newspapers and their frequency and scope and the subsequent decline of local newspapers and journalists.

We also covered the factors beyond class that determine how we see ourselves such as gender, geographical location, ethnicity, income and religion.

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