Cats Reflection- History of Digital Media

We were taught about how journalism had changed with the development of social media and other tools. We learned about how useful and important the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Linked In can be for journalists and how to verify things such as pictures or videos which are sent to us via social media and to check the reliability of the person/people who send it.

We learned about the ‘Technical’ beginning of the internet on 1 October 1962 and about certain important events in the history of digital journalism.

Learning about how, sometimes, the days weather forecast can be revealing, be it on that day or a previous day, we were told about Wolfram Alpha and how it can be used.

There was also information about what questions to ask a person to verify what they are saying such as asking where they are stood, what else can they see and what recognisable landmarks there are nearby such as familiar buildings.

We were also introduced to Google reverse image search which is used to see if it’s possible that a picture that has suddenly appeared on social media has actually ever been used before in connection with any other story.

We were taught about how we can check if a person has enabled their device to show their location and to also cross reference landmarks on Google Street View or the satellite view if Street View isn’t available for that particular location.

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