Reflections- History of Journalism

A very informative lesson, we were taught about many important dates in the history of journalism such as when papers were first seen in Britain (early 16th century) although at that time most of the news was announced by Town Cryer’s.

The core of this session was based around a very interesting timeline of journalism, right from the very start up to the phone hacking scandal and subsequent closure of The News of the World.

The timeline included such dates as 11th March 1702 when the first daily paper, The Daily Courant, was published by Elizabeth Mallet and other first time events in journalism such as the first Copyright Act in 1709.

We heard about The Press Association being set up as a national news agency in 1868 and the foundation of England’s Chartered Institute of journalists in 1883.

Certain other events and dates in the timeline included the publication of The Mirror (1903) the first “Tabloid Paper”, 1907 when the National Union of Journalists was founded and 1912 when Columbia University launched the first graduate programme funded by Joseph Pulitzer.

We also heard about the publication of Today, the first national daily paper in colour, in 1986 and News International moving all its titles to a new plant at Wapping.

We also now know that News International placed Pay Walls around its online content for The Times and The Sunday Times in 2010.

I found this lecture to be well presented, enjoyable and, most of all, informative and helpful in many departments.

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