Semiotics, The Sun Vs The Daily Telegraph

The Sun

Large headline, Not much text, Shock tactics, Attention grabbing,Lot’s of pictures on front page, poppy and words “We Will Remember Them”, Bold print, Concentrating on scandal, Slang terms, Red underlining conveying urgency, padded headline at the top, Much more visual, Simplistic title, More contemporary, Headlines in capitals, Particular about its price.


The Daily Telegraph

No sensationalism, precise headline, Lot’s of text, One main picture (royal subject) and one small picture, Cartier (up market) Advertising, Padding headline at the bottom of the front page (story continued on page 6) Small headlines at the top, Small cartoon, Much more descriptive, Professional typography, Old style type for paper title, Traditional paper appealing to certain audience, No price


Local TV Assignment

Despite many sceptics about the grand idea of former culture secretary Jeremy Hunt for locally based TV Channels the idea does seem to be gathering pace and becoming more and more popular.

Ofcom has so far issued licences to 30 channels so they can deliver TV in their area and the initiative is expected to grow to many more towns and cities over the coming months and years. Rollout is ongoing at this time.

The ten Local TV channels that have launched so far include Estuary TV (Grimsby), Mustard TV (Norwich), London Live (London), Notts TV (Nottingham), STV Glasgow (Glasgow), Latest TV (Brighton), Sheffield Live (Sheffield), NvTv (Belfast) and Made TV (Both Bristol and Cardiff).

The first licences were awarded on 12th September 2012 to Brighton and Grimsby.

After more licences were awarded in the first phase Ofcom then awarded a second set of TV Licences for three more areas of the UK on 7th November 2012 and then followed this up on 11th January 2013 by awarding the first Local TV Licences in Scotland for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Following on from this they then issued licences for Swansea, Mold, London, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool and the first phase of Local TV Licensing was completed when Preston was awarded a licence on 1st March 2013.

Local TV went live on 26th November 2013 with the launch of Estuary TV in Grimsby and Scotland’s first Local TV Channel to go live was STV Glasgow which launched on 2nd June 2014.

Made TV has actually, so far, been awarded 5 Local TV Licences, the question now is, How many more places in the UK will be granted a Licence?